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Bangalore Event: Chennarayana Durga Trek

25th April 2018

Chennarayana Durga Trek

At Chennarayana Durga you can accentuate your trekking desire and take it to a new level completely. Located about 100km from Bangalore, it is fort built on a hill near Madhugiri. Over time with several other rulers and treasure hunters the fort is reduced to ruins. The steep climb and the rock make this whole trek quite challenging which any trekker will love. Embrace the drifting breeze and the quietude that this trek has to offer. Brace yourself to some intelligent architecture and breath-taking scenery that will make every minute of this trek a worthy one.

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Difficulty Level: Moderate
Participation Fees: Rs.900.00
Above charges include:
Non-AC Transport, Breakfast, Veg Lunch, Evening Tea/Coffee, first aid, and Guide
*T&C Apply