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Bangalore Event: ‘Charcoaling’ with Nature

18th August 2018

‘Charcoaling’ with Nature

What you Learn:
 Learn how to handle different types of Charcoal to get different effects
 Use charcoal pencil and charcoal sticks to do the artwork
 Making of your own charcoal using tamarind twigs
 Take away your artworks (2-4 Charcoal Drawings)

Step by step sketching will be done,for those students who don’t feel confident and also may not had any previous art experience. No natural talent is required. The classes are fun and informal, with lots of encouragement and support from ourselves and the other students.
About the Facilitator: Nidhi Aggarwal believes that all one needs to create, is passion. To create, to express and to transform one’s feelings into a constructive outlet! I do not merely want to capture something what I see with my pencil, brushes, I want to share that image and feeling with others. Day to day simple life influences me, whether it’s art, music, literature, family life and mostly nature…