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Bangalore Event: Butterfly Rearing Workshop

26th May 2018

Butterfly Rearing Workshop

The two-hour workshop introduces participants to the life-cycle of a butterfly and to identify common butterfly species in Bangalore. Specimens of different stages of butterfly from an egg to caterpillar to larva stage are shown. It focuses more on fun and practical aspects of butterfly rearing to encourage participants to observe and start rearing butterflies. And more importantly, this workshop encourages nurturing and care towards these beautiful creatures, and raises awareness on a variety of plants which enrich their habitat.

After the workshop participants would be handed with a small kit to enable them to rear butterflies at home.

The kit would include:
-A caterpillar/pupa of a butterfly, and you can see it emerge into a butterfly at your place.
-Host plant of the caterpillar, so that you can feed the caterpillar.
-Seeds of butterfly attracting flowering
-Some literature (photographs and instructions) on butterfly rearing.
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