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Bangalore Event: Booklings – GrinsNGiggles

22nd May 2018

Booklings, the book club is happening at three places now. Booklings aims to make reading an enjoyable habit among children

About Booklings:
Booklings is more than a book club, it is a creative space for children above 6 years. Reading expands the minds, enriches the mind and spirit.Kids will be introduced to a wide range of books of different genres, styles and topics of interest. Reading such variety of books enriches their vocabulary. They will find the right words for the right situations. This will enhance their communication skills that will reflect in their ability to write and speak clearly and with confidence. They will enjoy the interaction with different cultures made possible due to their familiarity with languages. In the process they will attempt to understand the concept of language as a whole. This will aid in their attempts to learn other languages also.

The book club will meet every week and discuss and review the book they
have read.
They will take a book home for reading over the week.
They will be made to create a few things based on the book they read.
They will enact, adapt & visualise the stories.
They will be introduced to various genres of books and styles of writing

Booklings is a book club by Cilre. Cilre believes passion is key to excellence and joy. It is important to cultivate such passion at an early age. Identifying passion can happen only through exploration and experimentation. Cilre provides a non judgmental experimenting platform for a wide range of fields which helps children to discover and nurture their interests.