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Bangalore Event: Being Gritty : An Art

17th July 2018

Being Gritty : An Art

Can a character strength, like GRIT be “taught” ? Yes and No.

Yes, One can be stimulated and inspired into developing a character strength. (when is open to transformation in thinking and doing)

No. When one is resistant to new ideas!!

Same formula for both children and adults…

Having said that, this workshop is not about “teaching” GRIT. It is more about stimulation, inspiration and creating awareness.

What thoughts are evoked when one does a challenging job and when one shows GRIT to complete the task?

1. Can I really do it?
2. Ah! This is so tough
3. Should I continue or abandon?
4. How long should I keep trying?
5. Ugghh.. I am not good enough.

It is important to be able to channelise thoughts in a direction that helps achieve one’s goals.

So, then a parent may ask,, Is this not too tough for children to grasp? Do they need this(understanding GRIT) at this age (8 to 12 years)???

At this age, they are supposed to solve challenging Math problems, study sciences, social sciences and participate in competitions (and some of them in “reality” shows as well!!!) .

Don’t they face difficulties? How do we help them navigate through their challenges?

GRIT. (session outline as mentioned below)
1. Ice breaker
2. Understanding GRIT
3. Experiencing an activity to understand GRIT
4. Managing thoughts and emotions required to show GRIT
5. Knowing about people who have shown GRIT.