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Bangalore Event: A walkthrough @NGMA

25th June 2018

A walkthrough @NGMA

NGMA Bengaluru invites you for a walkthrough with Ms. Dhanya Rajaram, Art Historian, in conjunction with the exhibition “From Earth to Earth: Devotion and Terracotta Offerings in Tamil Nadu” at its venue.

In Tamil Nadu, terracotta offerings gifted to the Tamil god Ayyanar are among the largest in the world. Spectacular, majestic and often astonishing, they are a fundamental element of Tamil village tradition and culture, where agriculture is the foundation of life. Presented to Ayyanar each year during elaborate festivals, these offerings are made to assure the protection and the well-being of villagers, their families, their cattle and the harvest. From the characteristic life-sized terracotta horses towering within secluded shrines to humble, foot-high clay “dolls” and cows amassed under a centuries-old neem tree, the earthen gifts celebrate the cycles of nature and bridge the mortal to the divine.

All are welcome !