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Bangalore Event: A stroll in Cubbon park

22nd June 2018

A stroll in Cubbon park

“Sri. Chamarajendra Park” as the BBMP calls it was earlier called as “Meades park”, but today it’s popularly called as Cubbon park. Join in, as we unravel the people and history behind the setting up of one of Bangalore’s biggest lung spaces.

This park is not the usual botanical park, as it has numerous buildings in it like the High court or Attara kacheri, MGID building, Government museum, Venkatappa art gallery, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, Band stand, etc and we enlighten our patrons with tidbits of each of these architectural gems.

Also doting the park are numerous statues like those of Sir Mark Cubbon, Queen Victoria and King Edward VII and we discus the role played by them in British India and it’s administration.

So if you are free on a Sunday morning, join in for a leisurely stroll and get bytes of the city’s history and some of it’s famous bygone residents who have left behind their footprints in the landscape of our city forever.

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