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Atul Satya Koushik’s Raavan Ki Ramayan Featuring Puneet Issar as Raavan DRAMA MYTHOLOGICAL HINDI 2 HRS

6th August 2016
7th August 2016
on 6th at 7:30pm and on 7th at 4:00 pm & 7:30pm
Rs.300 to Rs.500
Age Group:

Kamani Auditorium: Delhi,
Copernicus Marg, Janpath, Mandi House, Delhi, NCR 110001, India

DIRECTORAtul Satya Koushik
WRITERAtul Satya Koushik
ARTISTSPuneet Issar, Rahul Bhuchar, Gaurav Jakhu, Sachin Joshi, Latika Jain, Nishtha Paliwal, Shakti Singh, Tarun Dang, Bhanu Pratap
”Raavan Ki Ramayan” which features the legendary actor Puneet Issar in the role of Raavan is a re-look at the history from the point of view of those who lost and never got a chance to tell their side of story. A virtuous king of a prosperous kingdom is outraged at the ravaged modesty of his sister and sets out for a dignified revenge. But he falls for the defiance and audacity of an abducted woman and ultimately throws his kingdom into a great war against the will of many of his ministers and wife including his eldest son. The war within him poses him against the questions of his wife, sons, gods and ancestors and war outside ultimately becomes the eternal war of Sur and Asur with high stakes from history on both sides. What unfolds is an epic hitherto unheard. After nationwide success of his plays Chakravyuh and Draupadi, Raavan Ki Ramayan is the third historical offering from writer director Atul Satya Koushik.