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Bangalore Event:Afterschool Science Fun Worshops – Weekends

22nd June 2018

Unique opportunity for kids to learn science through exciting and fulfilled experiments and fun projects which kindles the logical thinking, reasoning skills and scientific temper. Our highly interactive programs such as hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, solving puzzles, science expeditions, cool facts etc make children observe things around them with a new outlook.
Our yearlong programs have been designed with a motto of making Science a fun subject for the participants. Yearlong program 2015 is a mix of our popular short courses like Science of things around us, Fun with Chemistry & Forms of energy! The topics has been chosen based on the past experience in conducting science summer camps, Curriculum based programs at school, fun workshops, project clubs and corporate programs. The workshops have been planned in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.
Salient Features
1. Emphasis on science concepts using concept maps, teaching aids, fun experiments, Take hope projects, Workbooks, worksheets, Role Plays2. Research environment for enhancing kid’s creativity and inquisitiveness 3. Discussion forum for kids and Discovery Saturdays(Competitions, Chat with experts) 4. Online platform for kids to post their questions and articles(Please register at our website to post questions and articles)
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