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Adventures on stage: Part 1 KIDS THEATRE ENGLISH

4th June 2016
25th June 2016
11 AM on June 4, 5, 11, 19, & 25th.

Atta Galata: Bengaluru,
134 KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095, India

ARTISTSDr. Aaron Julius Punnen, Anita Mitra
Learn to perform live with the use of Sound and Voice.
Improved sound and voice lab for kids.
Write your own scripts and stories and perform live in class.
All of this will be culminated in a production to be staged on July 1st.
Schedule :
INTRODUCTION Who, what and other elements of a play to introduce the children
to the concept of theatre. We will also let the children hear out some radio plays for better
understanding of how sound is paramount in theatre.
Ice breaker games so that we all get comfortable with each other and are all ready to
have some un- inhibited FUN!
Sound lab
Voice lab
Day 2:
Characterizations here we will help children try to visualize characters through their
sound and vice-versa to help them paint out different characters and characteristics using
just their voice.
Same words, different meaning- here we will help the child appreciate the different
contexts that a single statement may be used in
Sound and voice lab
Scripting we will start off with our script work and add locations and characters as we
progress through our lab sessions to accommodate our kids eureka moments into the
Day 3
Radio ads we are going to create whacky and creative ads for even more whackier
products like gold plated vacuum cleaners (who knows!?). We will get the kids involved
in presenting jingles and then incorporating the best one into the script!
Exploring different genres of radio plays – what makes a play sound spooky or
mysterious or fun or magical? We will explore the different common threads/sounds in
each genre.
Script work
Sound and voice lab
Day 4
Reading scripts – we will go through a couple of plays together so that we can appreciate
its composition for the scripts that we are working on and to also work out the different
difficulties that one may face while performing a radio play. Or plays which use sound as
an important feature.
Sound and voice lab
Script work
Day 5
Accents by now, the kids should be comfortable with the different facets of a play, how
about we add in some accents to our characters to add in another element to our script?!
Sound and voice lab
Day 6
Warm up
Show day! — First of its kind play incorporating sound with voice and other effects to tell
a story.
All workshops will have these common sessions:
The whys and the hows of the effective use of the acting space using script and theatre
techniques used by professional actors
Sound lab:
Children are asked to bring items/instruments that can be used for sound effects and to
use them in different examples/situations.
Voice lab:
Here kids will be using their voice to explore different sound effects for