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Mumbai Event: art1st Partner A Master Program

16th August 2018

“​When your technique and your ideas support each other and the image becomes the vehicle of that expression, then you will have found your voice or niche.” ​ (Henry Bateman)

Announcing a new session of Partner a Master: Master Class, 2015. This program will set its tone through the hands-on experience and specialisation of artist mentor Priyam Mehta who will seek to impart her anthology of art techniques and methods in her own Master Class.

Program Overview –

Introduction to Master Class: Techniques & Methods introduces the students to hands-on studio arts techniques as used and developed by artists. This workshop will take them through the techniques such as flat wash, transparent method, texture, impasto, knife, stippling and stencil.  By the conclusion of the course they will compile a portfolio of artworks reflective of research, understanding, creativity and their personal growth.

The Master Class –

Week 1: Flat Wash

Week 2: Transparent method

Week 3: Texture

Week 4: Impasto

Week 5: Knife

Week 6: Stippling

Week 7: Stencil

Format –

The course will include foundational information as well as video/ powerpoint demonstrations covering art techniques.

Each week’s lesson will include a quiz and students will be asked to complete an original artwork throughout the Master Class.

Who should attend?

Students from Class 6-8 can apply (12-14 yrs)

Twice a week from 11th July to 30th August (15th & 16th August holiday)

Saturday & Sunday – 10 :30 am to 12:30 pm.


Enrolment Instructions –

Interested participants should enrol by paying the registered fee in favour of Artfirst Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Last date for registration: 20th June, 2015

Drop Box: Grand Hyatt Residences Lobby

Fee: Rs.12500 for 14 sessions (inclusive of all art material) + service tax