What is your child’s Learning Style?

Each child has a different learning style - Easy Tips by ZenParent
Growing up, our parents always told us “Study hard”. It was just one mantra that was constantly chanted in the house. It was the solution to every problem- Study hard. However, today we understand that children have multiple intelligences and have different learning styles. It is not enough to just study hard, but we need to study smart as well.  Research has shown that all of us have different styles of learning. The following are a few dominant learning styles:
  • Visual : Learning through pictures for better retention
  • Auditory: Listening more than reading helps you learn
  • Verbal : Using words to explain it to yourself helps you learn
  • Physical: Doing it helps you learn
  • Social : You learn better through group interaction
  • Solitary: You learn better alone
  • Musical: You memorize better if you sang that formula !
Most of us can learn usually through a combination of a few of these methods or it is also possible that we have one dominant style of learning. It would be highly beneficial to a child if they could find out, through which method they learn best and try to learn more through that method. Once size will not fit all. Instead of banging one’s head against the wall trying to learn in only one way, help your child try out the different methods and find out what works for them.
  • If they are struggling with reading, have them draw pictures. Buy them a chalk board and have them draw out the concept which will help the image retention in their head
  • Auditory learners learn better by explaining it out loud –have them pretend to be the teacher who is teaching their stuffed toys. Hearing the words will help learning and retention
  • Some children have to work with their hands. Actually doing experiments and trying out the concept on a physical medium, even on computer software helps them learn better.
  • Group study has been around for ages. Some parents are very skeptical about whether the child is wasting time at these supposed “group studies”. However, if you think your child really does well in groups, invite a select few to your house so that you can keep them focused and on track.
  • Many children also need peace and quiet and solitude to absorb material. If your child needs that kind of solitude, do your best to give them that space or wake them up early in the morning when it is quiet and the mind is fresh.
Help your child take this quiz to figure out what learning style is suitable for your child and work accordingly for optimal learning experiences.http://www.educationplanner.org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles-quiz.shtmlTest credit: educationplanner.orgImage Source : Pixabay.com