Tips to help your kids beat the post-vacation blues

post vacation blues- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Vacations are fun. They’re times of indulgence, enjoyment, later bed times, more games, more TV shows, mess homework and pretty much anything connected to school. Going back to routine after a super fun vacation can be boring for anyone and far harder for kids than adults. Here are the common signs of post-vacation blues in kids so you can identify it right out of the gate –1. Daze – Even a super active child can appear a bit dazed to go back to where they came from. Often times this is just mistaken for being tired. It could be that too but it is the most typical sign of post-vacation blues as well.2. Lack of enthusiasm – Even towards stuff she usually loves. Your child may love the local park. But after a fabulous beach vacation, who wants to go to the park?3. Change in sleeping/eating patterns – A bit of jet lag from travel is perfectly normal. But sleeping or eating less or more in terms of actual quantity can be an indicator.4. Change in behavior – Uncharacteristic irritation, annoyances can indicate post-vacation blues as well.So, as parents, what can you do to help them get back to their cheery, routine-bound selves?5. Help get into routine – Easier said than done, getting into the routine is the most important part of getting back to school. Try to plan ahead to overcome jet lag and come back home a few days before school so as to let your kids adjust to local time and routine before having to restart.6. Empathize – Tell him that you’re bored to be going back to work too. However, explain that vacations are so much fun because they are short. You can’t stay at grandmas forever can’t you? And if he asks why not, come up with a convincing answer. Rope in his friends, other fun activities to help you.7. Remind – about some fun stuff she can look forward to. Hey, the space museum visit is in the first week of school. Or Sarah’s birthday party. Something to focus on helps your kids get past vacation blues faster.8. Pamper – It’s ok to offer some bribe to enhance the feel good factor. Be it an unscheduled ice cream stop or a cuddly, something that’s fun for them is always welcome.9. Redirect – If they feel like sleeping at odd hours, allow them to watch an extra hour of TV or play games on the iPad – something that will help them ease back into their routines quicker.Remember, in a week or so, your child should be back to his/her routine and way of things. In extreme cases of blues, it’s fun to relive the experiences by seeing the pictures from the trip often to remember all the fun you’ve had, or make frequent video calls to grandma. Kids are very resilient and shouldn’t need much coaxing to get back to their energetic selves especially once they meet their playmates and swap stories. And then you can always talk about the next vacation to keep their spirits soaring.