Tips to Beat Motion Sickness

Combat motion sickness- Easy tips by ZenParent

Summer vacation usually means travel for many of us. Be it a trip by road or flight, some kids are more prone to motion sickness causing nausea and vomiting. Here are some tips to prevent motion sickness in children.


  • I usually carry a fresh lemon in my handbag when we go on road trips. Just smelling it gives my son tremendous relief. Also carry some sour candy like poppins. Aam paapad also is a yummy alternative.
  • Stop every hour and stretch out for some fresh air. You might reach later, but you and your kid will reach happier.
  • Play verbal games with your kids like Antakshari, word building, dumb charades, countries and capitals etc which would take their mind off their queasiness. “I spy through my little eyes” is a great game to play with younger children where you ask them to find things in the scenery.
  • When flying, try to find a seat over the airplane wing- it is less bumpy.


  • Restrict reading and gaming in the car/bus if you kid is prone to motion sickness.
  • Avoid greasy food before the trip and keep it very light on the stomach.  Strong smelling foods and juices/colas are also best avoided. A simple sandwich or Idlis would be best.
  • I've also found that rolling down the windows in a car helps my son feel better than switching on the AC.
  • When travelling in a van, do not have them sit facing the back of the vehicle. This aggravates the queasiness.
  • Do not bring up the topic of motion sickness to your child before the trip. You want to avoid priming their minds that they might throw up.

When all else fails, remind your kid(and yourself!) of all the fun you're going to have once you get to your destination!