Tips to remove almost any Stains from Clothes

As parents we’ve seen it all. Baby food, ketchup, blood, vomit, all sorts of stains on all our clothes. Like Murphy’s law, the worst stains happen only when we’re wearing white or new clothes or both. Don’t fret. Here are some tips to remove almost any stain from any material and salvage it the best way possible, all with things available in your pantry.1. Damage control – Time is money. Yes, in this case too! The best way to prevent a stain is to prevent it from setting. “Setting” is the chemical process of the staining material reacting with the fabric and becoming permanent. Trying to wash wash away the stain immediately is your best bet. Water is the most commonly available solvent. So try to wash it away immediately. Do not use hot water or too much pressure while rubbing it away. Heat and pressure enhance the “setting” process. If at home, use detergent and try to remove it immediately. Water is great for removing stains from baby food which has no added coloring, baby vomit, etc. Soaking in cold water and washing can usually remove benign stains.2. Dishwashing liquid for food stains- Counterintuitive as it may seem, dishwashing liquid is certainly more effective than laundry detergent in removing food stains such as ketchup and chocolate from clothes. It’s also great at handling grease.3. Lemon juice/vinegar – both mild acids can be used to effectively treat beverage stains from tea/coffee or for stains in laundry that’s been sitting out too long.4. Salt – for deodorant stains and sweat stains.5. Oxidizing bleach – like hydrogen peroxide is great for removing pigmentation - colored stains from makeup, paint etc. Alternatively use makeup removal wipes to dab away the stain.6. Stubborn stains - A combination of methods can be used. For example, wine stains have to be blotted immediately with salt preferably, and then washed with vinegar and then rinsed in water.7. On the go – Products are available for stain removal on the go. You just need to dab them on the stain to make sure that it’s treated immediately. These are slightly expensive but handy and are great when traveling and you want to prevent the stain from setting.With the right guide, it is possible to make clothes last beyond all the stains. What are your favorite stain removal methods? Share away.