Make your own organic herb garden with kids

organic herbs at home- Easy tips by ZenParent
These days, many people are switching to organic food and herbs due to their minimal exposure to pesticides and adulteration. Doctors also recommend that parents prepare food organically (using organic herbs) for their kids because this is more nutritious than using the vegetables, spices and packaged food items (which can be stale, sprayed with excessive pesticides, adulterated and processed) available in the local markets.However, organic foods come with a premium. Why not start your own small kitchen herb garden and involve your kids in this activity? It’s easy, inexpensive and one doesn't really need a green thumb to do this.You’ll need –
  1. Terracota/plastic pots with good drainage holes
  2. Potting soil + fertilizer mix
  3. Seeds/starter plants
  4. A window/sill with at least 5 hours of good sunlight
  5. Some small stones/gravel
How –
  1. Ensure the drain holes at the bottom of the pots are big enough.
  2. Add an inch or two of gravel as the bottom layer.
  3. Add 4-5 inches of potting soil + fertilizer. If you’re using a starter plant, use only an inch of this.
  4. Sprinkle the seeds.
  5. Cover top layer with 2 inches more of potting soil leaving an inch on top for water.
Things to consider –
  1. Choose herbs that are easy to start with – mint, basil, or, thyme.
  2. Progress to slightly more demanding herbs – coriander, parsley, etc.
  3. For best quality, use a starter plant. Using seeds needs a bit more time and effort.
  4. Do not water excessively. Water alternate days just enough to cover top layers of the soil. Herbs shouldn’t be exposed to excess water because it may rot the roots; killing your plants, ultimately.
  5. Do not expose to too much direct sunlight. Keeping them indoors keeps the herbs fresh.
  6. Cut off wherever you’d like to use them. They re-grow easily.
So, let’s grow some organic herbs ourselves and get our kids involved in the process as well!Image Source: © Jaya Parasuraman