Kid’s Birthday Party Theme- Minions

Boom! It has been reported that yellow henchmen a.k.a. Minions have conquered the entire world and enraptured millions of hearts too (ooooh! That’s serious). We too have fallen prey to their hilarious and adorable antics, so let’s celebrate their true yellow and blue fashion. Even though, they exist to serve the evils of the world, it’s hard not to fall for their endearing wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence. So just string up the streamers, blow up some colourful balloons, dish out some candies and invite all the little minions over for your next birthday bash.Scroll down to discover our Villain-Conish strategy to conquer the world minion style.1. Gang up, minions:Send out minion party invitations to spell out the theme loud and clear. Just grab some Despicable Me pre-printed or personalised invitations from a craft store or still better just make your own.

invite minion birthday- Easy tips by ZenParent

2. Gather up the party starters:Blue and yellow is the perfect way to set the stage for a Minion party. So, keep it mind while picking steamers, table linen, balloons and other décor items .You may grab some of those Minion printable party kits, to get the party started. Generally, it has food wrappers, toppers, party signs, handy napkins, party favour holders, party poppers along with a bunch of other things that you might need to dress up the arena.

minion props birthday- Easy tips by ZenParent

Don’t forget to put-up A LARGE minion jumping jack or a round of the “Pin the Eye” to keep the kids busy.3. Pick-out your favourite minion costume:Costumes can add some fun and flavour to your party. So, pick some bright and colourful costumes for your birthday boy or girl.  If you are the crafty one, you might consider sewing up a personalized costume for your tiny-tot.4. Bapples and Bananas:Minions just love bananas and bapples so, remember to include them in your Minion party snacks. Try making some fun minion marshmallow pops. Don’t forget to pick out some Minion bags for popcorns and Pretzels.

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5. Minion Cake:Pick up a mean minion cake from your nearest baker or bake one at home. Ok here’s a cheat! Replace it some chocolate dusted donut goggles and mini Minion cake pops. Garnish them with some more candy and the kids will love it.

minion cake birthday- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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6. Mini Party FavoursSend the kids home with some Despicable Me party favours. Mix and match a couple of goodies that gel up with the theme and put them in your bags with the Minion theme. Told Ya! Kids will just love it. You may pack in some lollipops, Pez dispensers, key chains, water guns or some Minion temporary tattoos.

party favors minion birthday- Easy Tips by ZenParent

Remember, to create a personalized version of the bags with some sharpies and stick-on tags.A round-up of fantastic Villian-Conish food and crafts is all you need to perk up the party of your Minion-Crazy little one. Just gush in some mettle and embark on a Minion Mayhem Ride.Looking for more birthday party ideas? Check them out here and here!