How to protect your kids from Monsoon Ailments?

monsoon sickeness cures- Easy Tips by ZenParent
“If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain it would be!”Rain brings such enormous joy to children. We adults might worry about the dampness, clothes not drying, musty smell in the house and the like. But for kids, monsoon means getting wet in the rain, jumping in puddles, carrying colourful umbrellas and flaunting bright rain wear!Besides all the excitement about monsoons, rains also bring with it, lots of health woes, especially for kids. So what all to keep in mind to keep our children safe from various monsoon related health risks?

curing rain sickness- Easy Tips by ZenParent

Food& Water:
  • Steer clear of outside food. Small eateries and street side joints often fail to meet hygiene standards during monsoons. Water accumulation on roadsides can lead to easy contamination of street food. Take the extra effort to make your kid’s favourite chaat and pani puri at home. These are quite simple to make and it is totally worth the effort.
  • Avoid packing salads, cut fruits, fruit juices and chutneys in your child’s lunch box. You could opt for steamed vegetables and soups along with a lot of other cooked food, as they don’t turn bad easily.
  • Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach and fenugreek are best avoided during monsoons. These vegetables are exposed to watery grounds and mud and are more likely to carry germs and bacteria. Your little ones would be grinning from ear to ear at the thought of getting a break from these!
  • Soak fruits and vegetables in water and wash thoroughly. Brush and scrub the surfaces of vegetables and fruits to effectively wash them off from dirt and microbes.
  • Chopped and packed vegetables can have lots of nooks and corners that harbour germs that grow easily in damp weather. Make sure you chop your veggies just before cooking.
  • Even if you use water filters, it is still a good idea to boil water before drinking and ensure your child always carries boiled water from home.
  • Boil water for at least 20 minutes to ensure it is safe to drink.

how to not fall sick during monsoons- Easy Tips by ZenParent

  • Hand and feet hygiene is of utmost importance among children during monsoons. Make sure your little ones diligently follow the habit of washing hands and feet thoroughly with soap each time they come back home from outside.
  • Playing in puddles is a lot of fun, but mostly the water in puddles in stagnant and contaminated. Advice your children to not play in dirty water.
  • Add a little anti-septic like neem (nimtree/ Indian Lilac) oil (or boiling neem leaves in water) to your kids bath. Neem is very effective in warding off germs and bacteria.
  • Dry the towels used by your children thoroughly after bath. Joints, underarms, areas between toes and fingers need to be wiped dry to prevent fungal infections or skin irritations.
  • Make sure you keep your kids’ nails short and clean during the rains. Exposure to water and mud can easily deposit dirt under the nails.
  • Regularly wash your kids’ shoes with water and disinfectant and dry them well.
  • Remind your children to always wash hands before eating. A hand sanitizer should be kept handy, in case they’re unable to wash their hands.

how to help kids from falling sick during monsoons- Easy Tips by ZenParent

Health Precautions                                           
  • Young children have low immunity levels and parents have to be extra careful as viruses become more active in this weather.
  • Damp weather could cause wheezing among some children. Use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in the air to prevent this.
  • Make sure you give your children any pending vaccines for Hepatitis, typhoid and other respiratory ailments.
Just a few precautionary steps and you and your kids are ready to enjoy the magical showers, the lush greenery and pleasant temperatures this rainy season. Happy Monsoon!Image Source: via Google Images