Home remedies for your kid’s stomach ache

stomach ache remedies for children- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Has your little-one ever come to you with hands wrapped around his belly, while crying “My Stomach Hurts”? Tender tummies tend to upset kids and prompt parental anxiety. However, stomach related ailments in kids are common and mostly related to their eating habits, physical activities or the lack of them. Simple home remedies can help you soothe an upset stomach and calm their nerves. Here is how:1. Apply warm compression:Placing a hot water bag or a heating pad on your toddler’s tummy should relieve them from the pain. This is because heat improves the blood flow to the abdominal surface and diminishes the perception of pain coming from the deeper end. A nice warm bath or a cup of lukewarm water will also help relieve the tummy ache.Tip: Avoid bubble baths when in pain2. Use Reflexology:There are thousands of nerves in the hands and feet, that when rubbed can produce a calming effect to the entire body. However, the tummy region responds best to the central arch of the left foot. So, just grip your child’s left foot with your right hand and gently kneed the arch with your thumbs in a caterpillar motion.Remember, it feels wonderful being able to help the child and strengthens the parent-child bond.

calming kid's stomach ache- Easy Tips by ZenParent

3. Fix up a cup of Chamomile tea:Chamomile tea is an excellent home remedy for treating uncomplicated stomach ache as its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties can help ease of your tiny tots abdominal discomfort. A good old-cup of chamomile can relax the muscles lining the digestive tract and ease contractions through the stomach and intestines and relieve those agonizing spasms and cramps.4. Snack on Yogurt:A bowl of yogurt is all you need to kill those tummy cramps. The good bacteria in yogurt can improve digestion and flush out the intestinal virus causing diarrhea. So, include yogurt with active bacteria in your little one’s meal to keep the tummy ache at bay.5. Reach for peppermint:Surprisingly, peppermint has the ability to improve the flow of bile and regulate the process of digestion. So the next your little-one complains of a stomach ache just infuse some peppermint in tea and ask them to drink it. If your child refuses, just ask them to have a peppermint candy.6. Follow the CRAP diet:“CRAP” is an easy to memorise acronym for Cherries, Raisins, Apricots and Prunes. So, if your school-age kid is getting less than five servings of fruit a day, just serve them a handful of “CRAP”. The fibres in these foods can help “loosen things up” naturally and clean the digestive track.Tip: Puree half a cup of CRAP fruits to prevent the risk of choking, typically for children under four and serve it thrice a day.Home remedies can work wonders, but sometimes you might need to call in a pediatrician. So, if your kid is vomiting, has fever or has blood in his stool it would be best to take him to the nearest doctor and address the cause behind the misery.Image Source via Dollar Photo Club