Help your child maintain a good posture

posture should be good for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent
“Sit straight”, “Don’t slouch”, “Keep your head up and stand properly”; we have heard this quite often as children and now, we say the same to our kids even more. A good posture definitely deserves the emphasis that it has been getting for generations now.A good posture not only makes you look more confident and alert, but also contributes significantly to your health. It improves your blood circulation, aids in good digestion, helps you maintain a healthy spine and prevents joints from aching and jamming.There are many ways you can inspire your child to develop a good posture. Here are a few tips:

posture straight- Easy Tips by ZenParent

1. Make Good Posture a Priority:Bring up the importance of a good posture while having a light conversation about the same with your children. This way, they become aware of what a maintaining a good posture is. As the saying goes ‘Awareness is half the battle won!’ Point out good posture every time you see someone practicing it. This will make your child be mindful of his own posture.2. Set an Example:Parents spending most of their waking hours hunched on a keyboard or slouched on a phone will not send the right message to children. While working, eating, standing, walking and pretty much all the time, we parents have the responsibility of setting the right example. Children will simply follow lead, as this; according to them is the right way!3. Explain the Benefits: With children, nothing works like logic. They want to know the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of things. “Why should I not droop my shoulders”, “What will happen if I arch my back?” Explain the benefits to them.A good posture relaxes the body, while a bad posture is taxing on the body. It strains the muscles and joints resulting in aches and pains. These could lead to chronic disorders. Sometimes a bad posture can even cause a misalignment in the body negatively affecting the bones and muscles.

straight posture is good- Easy Tips by ZenParent

In addition to being beneficial for health, a good posture also communicates high self-esteem. Standing and walking erect is an indication of one’s self confidence. Keeping a slouched back, drooping your shoulders and dragging your feet can convey lethargy and laziness. The best and easiest way to present a positive body language is to maintain a good posture.4. Try Physical Exercises and Activities: Activities like gymnastics, dance and yoga lay emphasis on body awareness and movement. You seldom see a trained Bharatnatyam dancer slouch! All dance forms insist on posing right and aid in cultivating a good posture. Yoga and gymnastics additionally include breathing techniques and stretching, making children understand and respect their bodies. And continuing with such habits will keep a good posture naturally intact.5. Use Comfortable Furniture: Make sure you thoughtfully invest in the right furniture for your child. Study table and chair of the right height, proper dinner table seating arrangement, sofas in the living room with firm back support, and other furniture that your child regularly uses, should promote a good posture. It is worth the money to invest in this kid of furniture.Similarly, a good pair of shoes6. Praise your child: As the thumb’s rule always applies, praise your children every time you them following a good posture. They will want to continue doing it to get praised by YOU, the most important person in their lives! Image Source: via Google Images