DIY – Homemade Edible Non-Toxic PlayDoh

natural playdoh- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Monsoon season is here. And we need as many tricks up our sleeve as we possibly can have. And here’s a fun activity – homemade, no bake, easy to make, non-toxic, edible PlayDoh. Yeah, it really doesn’t get better than this! It's Homemade playdoh with natural dyes!You need –1. Flour (use any) – 3 cups2. Salt – ¾ cups (so your kids don’t eat them!)3. Water – ¾ cups4. Olive oil – 3 tsps5. Food coloring – few drops of each6. Cups for mixingHow –1. Mix dry ingredients separately in a bowl.2. Divide oil and water into as many bowls as colors you’ve got.3. Add the food coloring to different bowls.4. Mix in the flour-salt mixture and use a wooden spoon to make into a smooth ball. Knead with your hands finally to form a lump-free colored ball of homemade PlayDoh5. Store in individual airtight containers.Tips– If the PlayDoh runs dry after a few uses, use a bit of oil to knead it back to it’s original texture. And there; Non-toxic PlayDoh at home within a minute will be ready!Now, let your imagination loose! And enjoy!