DIY- Earrings Organizer for Women

earrings organiser tips- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Most women I know, like me, have a million pairs of earrings and can never find creative, space saving ways to organize them for easy access and end up wearing the same ratty pairs for days on the end, even with a collection to rival Deepika Padukone’s. Ta-da! Here is an organizer I’ve made that is effective, costs nothing and displays everything all at once so you can color coordinate them to your outfit. What’s even better is that its slung on a hanger, so it can hang right there with your clothes and pick out whatever you need at a moment’s notice.You need 1. A hanger2. A netted material3. A pretty colored material/dupatta/shawlHow 1. Sling the pretty colored material over the hanger lengthwise.2. Sling the netted material over it too. Pin together with claw clips on sides.3. Now loop your earrings through the nets in pairs all over.4. For earrings that don’t have a hook, screw them through the net or hang in tiny Ziploc bags.5. Use a toilet paper roll to hold together your hair bands too!There you have it – an easy access to all your earrings and accessories at one glance! Your teenage girl can also try this out!Image Source: © Jaya Parasuraman