Desk Exercises for the Busy parent

desk work out for parents- Easy Tips by ZenParent
With kids around and so much to do every day, you have a crazy busy life. It seems like you are perpetually on the move and even though you have made many a new year resolution to begin exercising, you just don't seem to find the time for it. Build exercising at your desk as part of a new routine in your daily life and blend it in .One of the most common problems that a lot of people have is pain in the neck and shoulders. This is because we all tend to hold a lot of stress in our neck and being stuck to the computer for extended hours does not help either. The neck pain can quickly escalate into a massive headache.So here are a few exercises to help you improve the circulation and prevent the onset of pain.1. Neck Forward Flexion and Extension : Inhale and look up at the ceiling , Exhale and look at the floor (10 times)2. Neck Lateral Flexion – Bring your Right ear to your right shoulder and then move your left ear to your left shoulder. (10 times)3. Neck Rotation: Turn your head to the Right and then to the left ( 10 times)

neck movement- Easy Tips by ZenParent

4. Side Stretch: Lean your head to the right side and gently hold your head down with your right hand (for 20 seconds) and feel the gentle stretch on your neck- Repeat on the other side.5. Diagonal Stretch: Turn your head to the right front corner of your room(diagonal) and look down. Gently push your neck down until you feel a gentle tug at the base of your neck- this is a great stretch for that pain between the shoulder blades. Repeat on the other side.

desk work for shoulders- Easy Tips by ZenParent

6. Shoulder Rolls – Gently roll your shoulders forward 6 times and backward 6 times- ensure you roll your shoulders back and forward to the maximum extent possible.

shoulder rolls- Easy Tips by ZenParent

7. Spine Twist – Sit towards the edge your chair. Hold your left arm to your right knee and your right arm holds the back of the chair near your bottom. Feel the spine twist as you turn and hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

spine twist- Easy Tips by ZenParent

8. Shoulder and Tricep stretch : Lift up your arms overhead. Hold your left elbow with your right palm and pull it back , crawling your palm down your spine as far as it will go. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Switch hands and repeat.

shoulder movements- Easy Tips by ZenParent

9. Mid back stretch : Hold your palms together in Namaste. Now move your palms up towards the ceiling until your elbows are sticking to each other. Now keeping the elbows glued together , continue to move your palm up to the ceiling as high as you can take it and hold it there for 20 seconds. Gently bring it down and release. Repeat twice. This is a great stretch for that spot between your shoulder blades that hurts due to extended hours at the desk.

arm stretch- Easy Tips by ZenParent

10. Shoulder Shrugs : Move your shoulders as close to your ears as possible, hold for a couple of seconds and then bring them as low as possible away from your ears. Repeat 10 times.

shoulder shrug- Easy Tips by ZenParent

The beauty of this is that you don't have to change into workout clothes and you don't have to get out of your chair. You also don't have to do it all in one go. Fix some time slots throughout the day like 5 minutes before coffee break, 5 minutes before lunch break, 5 minutes before evening coffee etc and do a few of these exercises to mobilize those joints and flex those muscles and keep them free from aches and pain.If you are at work doing these, don't be worried that your co-workers are grinning at you because at the end of the day when you are pain free, it would be you that is smiling! :)Image Source: via Flickr