Best solution for the allergy season

June 21st is International Yoga day! A lot of our ancient Ayurvedic practices are now being appreciated in the West and being followed by many as a safe alternative to the chemicals used in western medication.One of such practices is JALA NETI. The Ayurvedic way to cleanse your sinuses .This is a SAFE, PROVEN method of cleansing that rinses out your nasal cavities and besides clearing the mucus build up, also washes away the allergens from the nasal cavities that later manifest as sinus headache, cold, congestion, wheezing etc. All you need is a Jala Neti pot (available in any ayurveda store and some pharmacies), water and salt.Once you have mastered this cleansing art and practice it daily, you can get rid of all the chemical preventive medication that your children have to take on a regular basis ! Watch this video to see how even a 4 year old can do this simple cleansing process that is prescribed in our ancient Ayurvedic texts ! (You can find many step by step videos on how to do this on youtube!)Image credit :