8 tips to make your kids more socially sensitive/responsible

help children become more socially sensitive- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Somehow, parents expect kids to have it all…..the education, the love, the privileges, and the fun. And most of the time they do manage to create a small secured world of happiness for them. But just like every beautiful home needs a window for freshness to flow in, kids need to stop existing only in a closed world of their own and step out to the freshness of healthy & responsible social co-relating and existing.For your kids to appreciate more of what they have and be better humans… you could try these simple sometimes day to day activities that encourage lifelong lessons ..1. Enroll your child for social service- Involving your child in charity programmes through school or NGOs helps inculcating a spirit of kindness, satisfaction and the value of things. Organisations like ‘makeadiff’, NASW (National Association of Social Workers), Helpageindia,and NAB are some platforms that are involved in philanthropic work that reach out to kids, elderly people and physically disabled people by  helping them monetarily, psychologically, and academically. They include field trips for visiting the less fortunate, spending time with them and donating clothes, toys, stationary or medicines.

socially responsible children- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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2. Remind them to behave outside- Are your kids too loud when they play outdoors or when they are in a theatre, restaurant or any public place? Do they tend to throw a biscuit or a sweet wrapper anywhere without a second thought? Or pee in public? It’s natural for kids to do so and it is important for parents to remind them not to do so to help them understand that their actions may be causing disturbance or discomfort to others. Repeated instructions helps them register.3. Respect is for everyone- It is not only for parents or for the immediate family but for every living person they come in touch with. Be it their teachers or friends or neighbours or domestic helps and even animals. And this is best achieved through practice rather than preaching. Parents are role models after all.4. Use the media- Some very thoughtful movies have been made and good books written that portray compassion and humanity in an incredible way. Watching these movies or reading together and then having a little talk about the message in them helps kids reflect and introspect. Movies like Free Willy, Brother Bear, LageRahoMunnabhaietc have a strong social message in them that kids can relate to.5. Let your kids Socialise more- When kids are difficult to handle the first option parents think of is to keep them away from groups and gatherings. But sometimes that may cause more harm. Kids need to get accustomed to co- exist and gradually learn to tone down their unacceptable behaviour. Parents can begin from smaller and familiar groups and guide &steer their kids towards learning how to share, tolerate and compromise.

socially responsible child- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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 6. Teach them anger management- Anger is a natural emotion and the first instinct at it onset is to throw…either things or a tantrum. Parents can teach their kids from an early stage to recognise and accept the feeling of anger and then how to vent it out constructively like writing , drawing, taking a walk or counting to ten but definitely not getting violent which involves hurting others around them.7. Discourage bribery and cheating- Even a small chocolate for encouraging kids to behave well is bribery and using this technique to get your work done sends out a very strong message to the kids that they can also use the same in their lives and so does the act of cheating. You may think that jumping a queue or a signal or breaking a traffic law is no big deal and can be hidden from cops but remember your kids are watching.8. Mind their language- Foul language is one thing kids pick up with lightning speed without understanding the meaning of the words. Constant checking and explanation by parents when kids swear or use cuss words can help them get out of the habit before they start using them outside with friends. One more thing to keep in check is the tone in which kids speak. Some kids just can’t communicate without screaming &shouting and cause hindrance to many.As parents most of us would like to think that we our bringing up our kids a sufficiently social way but when we come across repeated messages like ‘keep silence please’, ‘please keep your mobiles switched off’, ‘Do not honk or urinate here’, and incidents like kids cheating in exams and they stealing or fighting in schools, we have to stop and wonder if there is a disconnect somewhere between what we are trying to teach and what our kids are ultimately learning?Help your child open up with others confidently by clicking here.Featured Image Source