8 natural ways to prevent dehydration in school-going kids

water to help prevent dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Apart from oxygen, there is nothing a human body needs more than water. While adult body constitutes 60% as water, an infant’s body is made up of 80% water. Children tend to lose body fluids with routine activities like sweating, playing, crying, urination, stool, etc. However, these body fluids are replenished when they eat and drink liquids properly, but when a kid’s body starts losing more water than what is being consumed; one starts to feel dehydrated. It happens more so at the time of sickness, vomiting, diarrhea or other ailments. Losing the permissible limits of fluid from body can cause dehydration and if not taken seriously, it shall be an invitation to hospital’s emergency ward. So, it's important to learn how to treat dehydration naturally in children for the side-effects of heavy medicinal dosage may impact a child badly.Dehydration is common in children of any age group. And the biggest cause of dehydration in kids is when they are at school. Busy studying and playing; kids tend to not drink water for long hours, which ultimately results in dizziness and dehydration. Here are few ways on preventing dehydration naturally:1. Water with Food

water is important for kids to stay hydrated- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Caffeine and chemical free, water is the healthiest way for kids to remain hydrated, provided it is being supplemented with nutritious food (make sure the kids drink water after sometime of having food and not immediately). Drinking plenty of water can sure flush out toxins, yet replenishing the important fluids in body, thus, helping children recover from dehydration quickly.2. Electrolytes

electrolytes to avoid dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Commercially available electrolyte products or fluid replacements for children contains minerals such as sodium and potassium in addition to balanced amount of sugar and salt. When taken in the prescribed amount (a litre bottle mixed with this); it can replenish the nutrients and fluids vital for your toddler’s health, preventing further dehydration, while helping one understand how to treat child dehydration at home too.3. Watery fruits

watery fruits to avoid dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Opt for sweet but fluid and fibre rich bites to prevent dehydration. Watermelons are rich in electrolytes and water, while being sugary in taste, so your kids won’t have hassles biting down few chunks contently. Top in your kid’s list of favourites, like the classic yellow fruit- bananas have high water content too and are a powerhouse of potassium, the mineral which depletes during dehydration. You can also opt for citrus fruits like strawberries, oranges, berries and more to keep dehydration at bay.4. Watery veggies

watery veggies for good water intake- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Pack them a box of summer squash veggies as a side salad or snack-time meal when they leave house for school, tuition, training or hobby-classes. Vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes etc. are high in water content.  This would help them escape the wrath of high-temperature and soaring heat, preventing any initial signs of dehydration.5. Coconut Water

coconut water to prevent dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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An excellent replacement to preservative laden power drinks, coconut water is ideal for exercise induced dehydration. Apart from adding water back to the system, coconut water is also rich in electrolytes. Parents should encourage children to continuously replenish themselves before and during sport activities or play.6. Salty munchies

salty munchies to get rid of dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Kids involved in strenuous training, sport activities or outdoor games should keep themselves well hydrated to prevent heatstroke or to recover the lost energy after heavy exercising. Snacks rich in Sodium, when consumed before activities, can help prevent dehydration effectively as they tend to retain water in the body for a longer time than simply how gulping H2O before workouts would. Nothing heavy, some soup or handful salted nuts would suffice too!7. Fresh squeezed juice

fresh juice for preventing dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Commercially available juice packages contain artificial sweeteners and only a meagre percentage of fruit extract, not exceeding 25%. So, squeeze some fruits to serve your kids a palatable glass of freshly prepared juice. You can use oranges, cranberries, pineapple or even some carrot juice. It will replenish them with nutrients, induce apt blood sugar levels and keep them well hydrated too.8. Smoothies

smoothies for kids to avoid dehydration- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Packed with vitamins and nutrients, smoothies can be great fruity beverages jazzed up water. Replace the dairy thickeners or soy formula with water or alternatively, keep water content more than milk. You can use seasonal fruits like raspberries, oranges, peaches etc. to make your very own batch of smoothie snacks. Serve them in-between meals, before outdoor play hours or pack them in a leak-proof glass to keep them replenished when on move. To see refreshing smoothie recipes for kids, click here.Their tender little bodies are more prone to sickness, dehydration and heatstroke. So make sure you give them natural supplements to prevent dehydration as much as possible. Pack small in-between snack delicacies with watery fruits, veggies or even smoothies and help your child remain well-hydrated!