8 child-made gifts for Teacher’s Day

teacher's day diy gifting ideas- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Teacher’s Day is almost here. And as a way to celebrate the wonderful teachers in your child’s life, why not give meaningful child-made gifts to mark the occasion instead of the run of the mill coffee mugs? Here are some fun and easy ideas –1. Fruit/Vegetable stamping – on card/book/bag

teacher's day fruit craft- Easy Tips by ZenParent


Fruits and vegetables with patterns inside a great way to personalize simple and inexpensive things like cards, canvas bags, book covers and so on. This blog gives detailed instructions on doing it right.2. Finger/Spray painting gifts

spray paintings gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent© Jaya Parasuraman

Remember the time we used an old toothbrush, dipped it into some paint and sprayed the paint with our thumbs across a sheet of paper? Exactly! Finger painting or using a brush and doing spray painting can have charming results. Use these techniques on a piece of canvas or chart paper or even things like photo frames, etc to make a unique gift. Check here for an idea.3. Perfumed rice bags

perfume rich bags gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent

© Jaya Parasuraman

This charming little present requires very few materials – a drawstring purse, a scented oil and some rice. Scent the rice with a few drops of the perfume and seal it within the drawstring rice. Stitch it shut so as to not allow the rice to spill out. Also spray the scent on the outside of the bag. This makes a wonderful pouch to put between clothes in your cupboard to keep them smelling nice and keep insects at bay. How nice!4. Stained glass pasta(?!?!)

stained painted glass frames gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent


This ingenious idea uses lasagna sheets stained by ordinary paints to convert them into kiddy masterpieces – a handmade gift, your child’s teacher is sure to adore. Check out details to make it here.5. Personalized bookmark

personalized bookmarks gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent


It doesn’t get easier than this – cut out your child’s picture in a long format and attach a tassel to make a personal yet useful gift in almost no time!6. Personalized labelsOnline printables are a great way of personalizing any gift you’ve got in mind for the teachers. This website gives free teacher related printables – tags, labels and etiquette you can add to any gift for that personalized touch!7. Gift card bouquet

gift card bouquet gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent


Who doesn’t love gift cards? This could be a gift by the whole class or parts of it, all made into a charming bouquet. Instead of just gift cards, you can include, thank you cards, maybe a pair of movie tickets, etc. Use your imagination!8. Plants/herbs

plants and herbs gifts for teachers on teacher's day- Easy Tips by ZenParent


Giving plants as gifts is considered auspicious. Why not gift a pot of herbs or easy-to-maintain flowers as a Thank You to signify a wonderful influence in your child’s life? Cheesy point bonus – adding a message like the one in the picture above.Featured Image Source