6 Ways to make bedtime fun for kids

bedtime fun- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Getting the kids to bed and making them stay there can be a difficult task. When kids don’t get adequate “quality” sleep, they become irritable, hyper and find it difficult to control their emotions, which is no fun for anyone. Behavioral problems, laziness and lack of focus tend to arise in chronically sleep-deprived tiny tots and in worst cases even obesity. So, it might not be easy but you’ve got to do it as it is absolutely necessary for child’s mental and physical development. Below are few ways to take away boredom out of bedtime.1. The pajama strollA gush of fresh air can be invigorating for you while being exhausting for your child, a perfect pre-slumber combo. Brisk walking and exercise are enough to tire out those little bones and to get them to bed.  A post-dinner pajama walk could be a fun way to catch up with your young one after a long tiring day at office.

aqua fun for bedtime for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

2. Aqua funA candle-lit warm water bedtime bath can sooth their petite bodies and kick out the daily dirt they gathered. A pre bedtime has the added benefit of saving time in the morning. Draw in some fun by indulging them in bubble lathered bathtub with play toys.3. Bring out a family albumLooking at a family album can be relaxing, but it might not be able to grip a sleepy child’s interest. So, how about a game of ‘I Spy’? Sounds good?  So just hand them a family album and request them to find “Daddy in a lion costume” or “Mommy with a puppy”. Children in their mid-school years might enjoy looking for the “only photo in which aunt XYZ is smiling” or even “guess the boy in Mommy’s arms”.Note: A round of family trivia could also boost their logical reasoning capabilities.

play hide and sleep for bedtime for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

4. Hide and Sleep:Hide all your kid’s bedtime props throughout the house, but in the direction of the bedroom. Swing the pajamas on the coat rack, tooth brush and paste on the kitchen island followed by a favorite doll under the study table and a story book on the stairway. Once the child reaches the last item, he would have already gotten ready for bed (without even knowing it).5. Head out!Get the little guys bathed and dressed in their pajamas, load them into a car with a nice snuggly blanket. Drive a reasonable distance from your home where they can see the stars twinkling, (older ones look up for constellations) and watch them kiss you good night under the star-lit sky.

bed time with family for kid's good sleep- Easy Tips by ZenParent

6. Include some family timeFamily sharing time can become a pre-bedtime ritual where the kids can share the ups and downs of their day and also give you an opportunity to pass-on some priceless values to your off springs. Indulging in a fun puzzle (for tiny tots) or board game (for older ones) could add some fun to bed time. Remember the family that plays together, stays together.Bedtime rituals can serve as everlasting memories for your children, either because they are repeated nightly or just a deviation from the norm. So, go ahead experiment and make it fun for them.