6 Ways to Limit Junk food in your house for your kid’s health

junk food say no- Easy Tips by ZenParent
This is one of the major problems we all face in our homes. While we do know that Junk food is bad for our kids and just fills them up with calories that have no nutritional value, yet we struggle with limiting it in our homes. Take a few easy steps to help resolve this issue.1. Don’t buy it! : This is a no-brainer. If it is not easily available in the house, children will not be able to eat it! Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry; everything looks appetizing at that time and you will tend to stock up on junk.2. Provide alternatives: When we eliminate junk, we need to provide healthier and tastier alternatives for our children. Stock up on dry fruits, which have healthy calories, the good old chikki which is full of protein and fruits. If your kids whine when you suggest that they eat a banana, just split the banana, drizzle some chocolate sauce on to it, sprinkle some nuts and raisins and make it a dessert! Well-set thick yogurt is a yummy healthy snack- sprinkle some raisins on it or mix it up with some jam for a tasty healthy snack.2. Designate a Junk food day: Completely cutting out junk food in your house might also make kids go mad when they finally get access to it at somebody’s house. So designate a day- say Junk Friday- and that day, either you go out or you do a total junk-food theme party at home for your children and let them enjoy to their heart’s content.3. Keep them Visible and handy: You may have fruits and nuts and other good stuff in your house, but children want it easy. If it is not as easy as ripping open a wrapper, they won’t eat it. So keep them where they usually head to search for it. Make your own trail mix of nuts, raisins, toasted poha, chopped up dates and put it in a beautiful glass jar and keep it visible so that children can munch on it as they go by.

no junk for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

4. Do not use it as Bribe: Sometimes, we tend to bribe our kids with junk food- That is a trap we don’t want to fall into. Never make food a part of the reward process.5. Ask your Kids! Nothing works like a process that kids feel they have control over. Show them videos about the harm junk foods cause and ask for their suggestions on what alternatives can be made available in the house. Take them shopping with you to the grocery store so that they can look at what is available and make healthy choices. That will ensure that they are not whining when you are serving it to them and also building long-term values.6. Go Step-by-Step: Healthy habits are built over a long period of time. If Junk food has become too common in your house, take baby steps- cut out one item at a time and replace it with a healthier option. Don’t go Nazi on it and try to deal with it all in one day. Slowly but surely you will reach healthier eating patterns.