6 Tips on keeping kids Occupied during Power Cuts

when there is no power what can kids do- Easy tips by ZenParent
And the load-shedding is back with a bang and in full swing! We have the UPS installed, candles ready, laundry & baking squeezed in to the meager time slots and everything else in control ….except for KIDS!Off go the lights and on go sentences like ‘I’m bored!’ and ‘there is nothing to do’. And with power cuts becoming very regular and prolonged affairs in recent times, the TVs, PS4s, mobiles and tablets go ‘poof’ after a while  and there is an increasing & urgent need to keep the kids’ natural restlessness contained and channeled in to something constructive and positive.Although this may mean more work and sigh… more mess in the beginning (it is so convenient to let them huddle with an electronic device for some time) but this eventually has to be tackled and better to be used to our advantage than to fret and fume as the officials are never listening.Here are some ideas to rein in the never exhausting stores of energy:1. Get on board – One of our biggest sources of pleasure when we were young. Let the power cuts introduce board games back into our kids’ world. Fun games like snake and ladders, monopoly, scrabble, Pictionary, ludo, cluedo and many more not only assure excellent passing of time but also enable great family bonding.

no power activities for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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2. Hands on Activities –   Engage your kids to beautify their surroundings. Letting them paint the shower curtains or a wall in the compound or balcony may keep them busy for long. Another idea could be to let them cut various shapes from papers or foams and paste them on walls or cupboards. Making different shapes from clay dough is good fun too. A box of activities exclusively to be used during power cuts can be created together along with your kids and kept aside. This will ensure that kids do not get bored and look forward to the doing them.3. Catch up on reading – What better time than during the peace (without TV & other distractions) to go back to lovely paper/ hard backs that are full of wonderful stories, fantasies and experiences. This may be the best time you could inculcate the reading habit in your kids.

read when there is no power- Easy tips by ZenParent

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4. Talking – This could be probably a good time for you to sit with your kids and have a nice chat and update each other on the latest. Kids may find this one on one time very comfortable enough to open up to you and talk about their dilemmas & problems, and you to communicate your expectations and sources of anger.5. Go outdoors – If the weather permits, one of the best ways to beat the power irregularities. Kids nowadays miss out on a lot of outdoor activities due to their homework and a variety of electronic options available indoors. You could maximise the situation and encourage kids to step out and accompany them too. A catching game,a hide and seek or maybe even a little treasure hunt would be great.6. Socialise – Use this time to let your kids meet up with friends and play or talk together. This will help in sharpening their social skills and teach them the art of tolerance and coping up when they observe how the other kids are dealing with the same problem.We may look at the persistent power cuts as a huge disadvantage in today’s times but this problem brings with it an excellent opportunity to pursue long forgotten activities that are more beneficial health wise and mentally more stimulating for our kids. So for the first time we can thank the government for this :)Kids hate to sleep timely. How to involve them in some bedtime fun? Click here to find out.Featured Image Source