6 Super Birthday ideas For Your 13 year Old

ideas for teen b'day- Easy Tips by ZenParent
It is your teenager’s birthday and if you are thinking in terms of balloons, party caps, whistles and musical chairs for their party then I suggest a pause and a little reflection as what they may be expecting may be entirely different. I once went through the pain of planning a proper party for my teenage son who was turning 12 and just before the guests were to arrive, my son entered the room, scrutinised the preparations and exclaimed ‘mom! Please I’m not a kid!’Well …if you don’t want to be in a soup then, you could try these.1. Make it a Surprise Party- Teenagers love surprises! Be it for video games, bonus pocket money or for birthdays. Keeping a track of their close pals, getting them on board and then planning a surprise with them for your teen goes a long way. I still cannot forget the expression on my son’s face and the subsequent hug for me when his friends sprung on him from nowhere and wished him at the stroke of midnight.

surprise teen b'day- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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2. A lunch /dinner birthday reservation- If eating out is what they prefer than planning a lunch or a dinner with friends at their favourite restaurant or hangout will be appreciated. A sudden cake entry with the whole restaurant singing for them will leave a lingering taste of happiness in them for a long time.3. A happy day out- Taking them out with friends to spend a whole day at a resort or an amusement park will surely light up their faces. Many clubs and amusement parks now offer great birthday packages that can be availed. Two places that I know of near where I stay are Wonderla in Bangalore and GRS amusement park on Mysore road. Parents need to accompany their teens but they need not hover around them all the time.(preferable to take a friend or some friends along)

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4. Sporty time- Going to watch a cricket match or a football game with family &/or friends sounds like a plan too. Teenagers also enjoy activities like playing miniature golf, Laser tag, virtual games and do bowling that gets their adrenaline rushing. Amoeba, Megabowl, Bluo, Go Bowling and Blue Moustache are some places where parents can plan such birthdays.5. Make a splash!- Pool or beach parties are in and the teenagers love them.A friend of mine hosted a beach party for her 13 year old daughter and she cordoned off a small area of a beach in Mumbai with ribbons. She arranged for a professional sand sculptor to show some very cool princess castles to the girls and also piled up a heap of props like hats scarves etc and asked the girls to pick what they liked and had a fun mini fashion parade. For a pool party, the area around the pool can be decorated and some popular pool party games are wet t shirt relay or tossing a coin in the pool and see who gets it first.

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6. Have a theme- They are the most interesting! For girls themes like princess party, frozen party, tangled party, masquerade party, pastel shades party, a flower based party or a party based on your daughter’s favourite fictional character work. As for boys they can have a rock star party, a Bollywood based party, a monster party, cars party , super heroes party or character they love.Parents can organise the parties themselves but it would be advisable to get some help too. Friends, relatives or professional party planners can be roped in so that parents can also enjoy the moments and not get too tired while planning and executing.Wowtheparty.com and partyplanetindia.com are some party planners who plan theme parties.

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