6 Easy Ways to Keep Textbooks & Notebooks in Good Condition

kids should keep books properly- Easy Tips by ZenParent
You and your kid must be really excited with new textbooks and notebooks for the new academic year. The new books smelling of fresh ink and paper in pristine condition would be a delight to both of you. Who wouldn’t want the books to remain like this all year long! Here’s how you can do it:1. Always use a good quality Wrapping Paper to cover all your text books and note books. This will protect them from crumpling and other wear and tear coming from repeated use.

good wraps for books- Easy Tips by ZenParent

2. Use a protective plastic film to further cover the brown paper covering to prevent books from soaking and tearing in case of an accidental spill.

plastic sheets for good books- Easy tips by ZenParent

3. Urge your kids to avoid folding top corners of books to leave a bookmark. Your younger kids will have to be taught deftness while pushing and pulling books in and out of their back packs, as careless handling while doing this can lead to corners curling up quite badly in a few months, making the books look shabby.

Bookmarks instead of folding pages in books- Easy tips by ZenParent

4. Teach your kids to avoid eating and drinking around school books or at least do so, while keeping the books away from their plate. Food stains on books can be quite a put-off and can reduce readability.

Avoid eating with books nearby- Easy tips by ZenParent

5. Waterproof your child’s backpack during rains to prevent textbooks and notebooks from getting wet and turning wrinkled and crumpled. Crinkled books can as unappealing for kids as for adults.

water resistant bags to keep books safely- Easy tips by ZenParent

 6. Avoid storing books upright in a book rack. Laying books flat while storing can prevent corners from getting bent and curled up.

keep books flat- Easy tips by ZenParent

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