5 tips to help your school-going kids wake up on time

With the schools open and in full sessions; it seems like a big task for the parents to get the kids ready on time- everyday. Why not use these handy tips to wake our kids happy and in time so that they are dressed for school without running late? Here are some tips to make the your mornings (as well your kids') easier –1. Establish the school time routine – Kids between 5-11 need at least 10-11 hours of sleep a night and kids from 11-18 need 8-10 hours a night. It’s never too early to stress the important of sleep, the need for some good shut eye and that getting to school on time the next day means an earlier bedtime. Be it reading a couple of books, or a glass of warm milk, set the tone an hour ahead of bedtime. And until they can tell time, the ball’s in your court.2. Talk about privileges and consequences – Teens with cell phones often text or access social media late into the night, often compromising valuable hours of sleep. Establish a rule that the phones have to be left for charging or in a common area before bedtime. If kids disobey, it’s time for consequences – confiscate the charger, if not the phone.

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3. Restrict naps and over-stimulating activity – Naps in the pm obviously mean a later bed time and consequently- a later wake time. As much as possible, avoid your kids from getting a nap as soon as they come home from school, no matter the age of the child. Instead, engage in some fun and stimulating activity once they’re back but not past 6 pm. You don’t want them to be too excited to sleep. After 6 pm, start winding down to the bed time routine. Maybe a bath, books, and a glass of milk works for you. Turn off the devices and aim for a 8:00 – 8:30 pm bed time.4. Set the stage for the morning – Telling kids exactly what to expect motivates them to do things to work towards them. For instance, at bed time, tell them they have to go to sleep bright and early, so that on the next day at school; they can be fresh for the <fill-in-the-blanks> (a fun activity like a painting class, fancy dress party, Rohan’s birthday treat- something that delights the child to attend school). The anticipation always works and helps them get down without a fuss.5. Go with the biological clock – When your child gets enough sleep, he/she automatically wakes up and is an energy bundle raring to, barely have to be woken up. You’ll find that with practice and routine, this becomes commonplace at your home too. If the bedtime is pushed somehow for one day due to some unforeseen circumstances, always try to compensate and get it back in schedule as soon as possible.Featured Image Source