5 Mommy Ailments that all mommies have and their Quick Remedies

mommy ailments and their remedies- Easy Tips by ZenParent
You know them already, don’t you or wait a second; is it that they have been such an integral part of your lives after motherhood that you have failed to notice them? Are you crankier than usual or do you pop in pills like peanuts for aches? If yes, then read on dear mom and pull yourself out of the rut.1. Headache- As common as breathing isn’t it? First you used to have it for only major issues like listening to lectures…both at home and college but now, you feel the pounding on your head when the glass of milk has dropped somewhere on the floor, or there are shouts in another room, or cries right next to you or when its late for school or when you skilfully trip over toys. Do you feel like banging you head in exasperation? Don’t. Here’s how you get rid of the sticky bugger.

headache mom ailments- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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  • Get some sleep ( if possible)
  • Massage a balm
  • Try acupressure
  • Dip your feet in warm water
  • Listen to music
  • Light up an aroma candle and have a hot water bath
  • Rub an ice pack
  • Sip some ginger tea
2. Backache- Did you ever know what this was before? I doubt. You probably only saw aunties hold their backs with their palms and wondered what a weird posture that was. And also marvelled at the balm advertisements on TV confused as to why they were there in the first place. But here you are in the same league as them and wanting to cry in pain. Err... Before you do that you could try one of these.

backache mom ailments- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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  • Spray the area of pain with an anti-inflammatory spray
  • Lie down for some time either on your back or sideways with a pillow between your knees
  • If you are carrying your kid for a prolonged time shift him/her from one hip to another at intervals
  • Gently stretch the area where there is pain
  • Get a softer mattress
  • While sitting, keep your back straight instead of slouching
3. Chronic Tiredness- Does the phrase ‘I wake up tired in the morning and go to bed wide awake’ apply to you well? Do you wish those alarms stop ringing for once? The one in the morning and the others that ring throughout the day and at night at irregular intervals.What can the poor eyelids and muscles do when they are constantly used to clear clutter, change diapers, supervise homework, cook, feed and pick up the dropped food and feed….err... never mind. Try these for that fresh smiling face that has disappeared somewhere.

 chronic tiredness mom ailments- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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  • Get some fresh air
  • Make yourself a cup of latte(or a spicy sweet masala chai!)
  • Get that iPod out. And use it.
  • Gulp some water
  • Eat frequently ( it helps to try some of your kid’s food too)
  • Drink herbal/black tea
4. Crankiness- Who says only the kids can be cranky. Ever seen the mothers?  And why not. The doorbell or the phone has to ring when the kid is crying, the maid has to run away when the work is more, food has to drop on clean floors or clothes, homework has to be the most difficult when a favourite movie is on TV, guests have to drop in when the house is super messy and the sound of something crashing has to come while the mom is trying to get some rest or is in the bathroom. Can you..

cranky mom ailments remedies- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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  • Pick up the phone to talk to a friend and gossip away
  • Be a rock star in a rocking chair (it works to calm down all grannies it may help you too)
  • Sprinkle some baby powder on yourself
  • Order a take away( how about hot wings or a nice pizza)
  • Knit or do some crochet( well yes for 10 minutes too if possible)
  • Eat a chocolate or an ice-cream
5. Dark Circles- They come as a package deal with kids and vouch they shall never leave you. I remember the day when my kid had a fancy dress competition in school and I dressed him up as a pirate. And guess what, I looked like one too without much effort! Unless you want to too, want to try these? They may be the light at the end of the circle :)

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  • Put chilled cucumber slices/ used teabags/raw potato slices on eyes for 10 minutes and rest.
  • Dab your eyes with cotton pads dipped in rose water.
  • Mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one and a half teaspoon of lime juice and apply this mixture for 10 minutes and rinse.
  • Massage almond oil in the eye area.
Once you’re a mommy, you become so adorable that everyone loves you. Be it your kids, their dads, various complex situations and some really loyal ailments too. So let down your hair, laugh your heart out, ignore the perils and enjoy all the attention!!!Learn how to naturally be a fit mommy by clicking here!Featured Image Source