5 DIY Rakhi Ideas for your kids

rakhi at home ideas- Easy Tips by ZenParent

Raksha Bandhan is on 29th August and beautiful rakhis are available in the market for celebrating this festival with full zeal and fervour. Sisters tie these bands on their brother’s wrists; seeking an unsaid promise from them to protect them and be always there for them and in return, the sisters also ensure their brothers that no matter what; their relationship will always be respected and treasured.

Here are 10 awesome ideas to make unique Rakhi designs for your kids at home!

Aeroplane/ Car Rakhis

car rakhi diy- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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If the little brother loves cars or aeroplanes, this creative design can really work!

You will need-

1. A pair of scissors

2. Foam sticker set – Car cut out

3. Satin ribbon in red, cut to size

4. Another cut out in the shape of the car to support it from behind, with adhesive backing gluing the two

5. Colourful markers or sketch pens to decorate and colour the car

To make –

1. Outline the car cut out with black marker

2. Make the car window

3. Stick this on same cut out with the adhesive

4. Using fevicol; stick the Satin ribbon below the circle

5. An aeroplane shape can be made in the same way!

Animal/ Cartoon Rakhi

animal rakhi diy- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Chota Bheem, Lion King or your kid’s favourite animal; all can be made as a rakhi!

You will need –

1. Sticker set – of the Character that you choose

2. Satin ribbon in different colour for the band to be tied around the wrist, cut to size

3. Felt circle sticker in different colours, with adhesive backing

To make –

1. Stick the Character sticker on the Felt circle with adhesive backing

2. Place the ribbon in between background felt & main character felt

3. Using fevicol, stick the Satin ribbon between the two circles.

4. Make more with Spiderman, Pokeman or anything your child loves!

Rakhi with Zari patches

patch rakhi- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Seen those patches or motifs on suits and sarees? Colourful patches from the gorgeous lace can be cut out for the main centre-piece of your rakhi. These come with a fabric backing that’s easy to stick or stitch onto a lace or a beaded thread to make your very own Rakhi at home.

You will need –

1. A beaded thread

2. Thread and needle to stitch

To make –

1. Beaded thread or golden coloured thread

2. Stitch the patch together with the beaded thread and your Rakhi is ready!

Sequined Rakhi

sequin rakhi- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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Beautiful sequin patterns can be made for this kind of Rakhi at home.

You will need –

1. A base felt

2. Your chosen sequins- beads, studs, stones from your bindi, etc.

3. Fevicol with a pointed mouth

To make –

1. Put the sequins in the pattern that you like on the base felt with fevicol

2. Join the thread or the ribbon for the wrist by gluing it with the felt

Ghungaroo/ bell/ beaded rakhis

beaded rakhi at home- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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These look beautiful and the bells in between look alluring to one’s eyes too!

You will need –

1. Multiple colourful threads

2. Ghungaroos/ bells/ beads

To make –

1. Twist the multiple threads to form a single, thick thread to tie around the wrist

2. Insert the ghungaroos/ bells/ beads and tie a knot, each on top and bottom of them to keep them intact

3. Place multiple ghungaroos/ bells/ beads; all equidistant from one another and don’t forget to tie the ends in self-knots too so that the twists and knots don’t get loose

4. Your rakhi is ready!

So, try crafting these unique designs of rakhis at home and help your child also enjoy the fun activity to the fullest!

Happy Raksha Bandhan! 🙂

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