5 DIY Craft and Décor Ideas for Easter

Easter is on Sunday and we've got lots of fun craft ideas revolving around Easter bunnies and Easter eggs - guaranteed to keep your kids enthralled and busy!Before we look at how Easter eggs can be decorated and which props to use, here's an easy way to blow the egg yolk and egg white out of the shell without cracking it.
  • Place the egg (after washing it in warm water to remove all dust particles from it) on top of a paper cloth.
  • Take a nail and move it to and fro, both at the larger and narrow sides of the egg. Make sure to penetrate a bigger hole at the larger side of the egg. You can also use a toothpick.
  • Don’t forget to stir the nail/toothpick as it goes inside the egg, so that the yolk inside gets thinner in its density (for it to easily pour out of the shell).
  • Use a straw and blow out the liquid from the larger hole in a bowl, emptying the egg.
  • Wash the egg shell and keep it in the sun or use a hairdryer to gently remove all water from the inside.
jpeg easter blow

Source: Creative Commons, Google

Now that you have the eggshells ready, let's see all the different things we can do with them!1. Fortune Tellers on EasterPaint the eggshells in your favourite colours and insert tiny chits of paper with positive messages and play the game of fortune Easter eggs with your children. Or you could get ready-made, shell-like containers that you can then stuff with little candies and chocolates. These make for pretty gifting options as well.

fortune easter Source:Creative Commons, Google

 2. Go Green on Easter!Eggshells can also be used to plan tiny saplings and seeds to create a miniature garden for your kids!

jpeg garden easterSource:Creative Commons, Google

3. Paint/Craft a bunny face!

Make use of your old crockery and get creative with ceramic paints or permanent markers to craft them into bunny plates. You can make a bunny bag with paper plates too and fill them with yummy titbits!

jpeg easter bunny bag

Source:Creative Commons, Google

4. Easter eggs don’t have to be painted always!

 Use woolen strings or thick threads and dip them in adhesive/ fevicol. Blow a balloon and encircle it with the woolen string or thread in the shape of an egg. Burst the balloon after the props are ready. And decorate the house with the same! You can also fill the balloon with some candies or souvenirs before blowing it and make an Easter nest for your little ones!

jpeg easter thread

Source: Creative Commons, Google

5. Natural dyes are the best!

If you want to go the traditional way, then make use of beetroot juice, coffee, turmeric, berry or onion syrups and give the Easter eggs an earthy look!

jpeg dyed eggs

Source: Dollar Photo Club

Happy Easter everyone!