4 Effective Ways to Protect Your Kids from Dengue

dengue protection for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent
The season of monsoon brings along an assorted pack of diseases and Dengue is one of them. There are six Dengue fever vaccines which are still in the experimental stages (none of them available) and only one which is a three vaccine treatment but not known to prevent the disease entirely. With the union health minister Mr J.P. Nadda also holding meetings with hospitals to step up the prevention plan in case there is a break out, parents can do their bit and keep their kids safe from the disease this season.Here’s how:1. Keep the Body Protected-To stay away from Dengue is to stay away from mosquitoes. Dressing the kids in full pants and full sleeved T shirts is a good option while venturing out. Also to keep handy are the mosquito repellent sprays & creams and there are a variety of them available in India. Odomos mosquito spray, Tiger Balm mosquito spray, Buzz Off spray ,Good Knight Mosquito Repellent cream and Jungle Formula Naturals to name a few.2. Watch Out at Dawn and Dusk-The Dengue culprit AedesAegypti mosquito, who though can bite at any time during the day, is most rampant around sunrise and sunset. So parents can avoid sending kids outdoors for two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.

dengue free- Easy Tips by ZenParent

3. Let Kids be Away from Stagnant Water and Potted Plants-Stagnated water bodies and flower pots are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and so being around such areas increases the risk of being bitten and infected by the deadly virus. Fumigation which is a process of spraying of gaseous pesticides in the infested area can help by suffocating the mosquitoes.4. Mosquito Proof your House-Mosquitoes are generally found hidden in urban homes and other dwellings too and so banishing them away from your home is a huge step towards the prevention of Dengue. There are many options to keep a house mosquito free. Parents can use liquid repellents that are non- toxic and safe, burn coils or smart cards (please make sure kids do not have an allergy to the fumes)and now there are electronic ‘pest repellers’ from Suraksha & Led home lights from Solar that are effective repellents as well. Also screening the house and keeping it air conditioned helps.Make this monsoon dengue-free by generally using preventive measures to keep your kids and loved ones away from mosquito bites. Some chemical-free tips are here!Image source via Dollar Photo Club