14 Honey Home Remedies for Kids

Home remedies from honey for kids - Easy tips by ZenParent

Honey, an important ingredient found in many medicines since ancient times, is one of the most important contributors in natural medications for us.

Since children should not be given strong medicines too often - honey, for its remedial benefits, has proven to be an important component in home-made medicines for kids. And its sweet flavour is loved by them too!

Note: Honey is not to be given to kids under 1 year

Let’s look at 14 different ways in which honey can be used:

1. Soothes a sore throat and flu

Kids are prone to getting a sore throat easily. Honey syrup, on mixing with ginger, herbs, spices and citrus fruits help in combating tonsillitis and even flu. The spices help in controlling the soreness while honey soothes the pain and controls bacteria from increasing the infection.

Sore throat cured by honey- Easy tips by ZenParent

2. Rectifies cold

A blocked or a running nose is very troublesome for kids as well as adults. And strong doses of medicines make one feel fuzzy. The next time your child has a cold, all you need to do is mix honey and lemon juice and give this mixture to your child twice a day.

Cure cold- Easy tips by ZenParent

3. Calms an upset stomach

Stomach ache or upset stomach can be cured with ginger juice mixed in honey syrups. One to two teaspoons of the mixture will bring immediate relief.

ginger and honey for sore muscles- Easy tips by ZenParent

4. Helps control toothache

Clove sticks stored in a honey jar is a remedial cure to calm toothache instantly. So if your kid is experiencing toothache at an odd hour and it will be a while before you can see a doctor, just get your kid to chew clove sticks dipped in honey or keep it between the teeth where they feel the pain.

toothache cured with honey and clove- Easy tips by ZenParent

5. Combats indigestion

Kids too can experience excessive acidic inflammation, improper digestion and constipation. A natural tonic made with a combination of apple cider vinegar and honey helps improve digestion and suppress acid reflux immediately. It also helps absorb minerals, thereby, relieving oneself from problems caused by excessive formation of acid.

indigestion cured by apple cider and honey- Easy tips by ZenParent

6. Moisturises dry skin

Mix one cup of organic honey with 1-2 tablespoons of milk and orange juice to make a natural moisturiser for broken or dry skin. Kids tend to have rough patches due to changes in the body or excessive time spent outdoors at play. This cream can help resolve the problem in no time and that too, without any side effects!

Natural honey cream for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

7. Helps scrub off dry skin

Patchy skin or dead skin cells can make one’s skin look uneven. Grounded brown sugar with honey can help exfoliate dead skin naturally. So try this home-made scrub for you and your teens. After all, it’s always better to go for home-made creams than cosmetics when it comes to kids (or yourself) and their skin-related issues.

Honey scrub for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

8. Cures acne

Kids, in their growing years, can end up facing acne problems or skin rashes. Yoghurt and honey together can resolve this problem in no time. Make a thick paste of yoghurt and honey and keep this fresh mixture on the infected area for 15-20 minutes and gently peel off with wet cotton. You’ll see the acne and inflammation decreasing gradually with continuous use every day.

Acne cured with honey for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

9. Calms down sore muscles

Children as well as adults can be dehydrated and experience sore muscles. A quick home-made remedy is consuming a healthy drink made of coconut water and honey. Not only will this help in boosting your energy but it will also aid dehydration.

sore muscles healed by coconut and honey- Easy tips by ZenParent

10. Helps get rid of athlete’s foot

A skin infection caused because of heavy sweating in the feet and by ringworm virus- athlete’s foot can be really troublesome for children as well as adults. Just mix honey with sugar cream and apply the mixture on the infected area (twice everyday) to see immediate results.

honey cures athlete's foot- Easy tips by ZenParent

11. Increases metabolism

Help your kids maintain a good metabolism by making them have a warm cup of water mixed with honey and lemon juice every morning. This consumption on an empty stomach regularly will help your child have a good metabolism and will also help you keep a check on your weight!

metabolism improve with honey for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

12. Aids chronic fever

Make tea with warm water, a teaspoon of honey and holy basil (tulsi) leaves and consume this twice a day. Be it kids or adults, this remedy works wonders for chronic fever.

honey tulsi tea for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

13. Soothes oral ulcers

A quick way to heal oral ulcers in no time is applying a mixture of honey and turmeric on the affected area twice a day. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water for immediate results.

face mask for acne in kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

14. Controls asthma

Kids with asthma triggers often forget to take their allopathic medicines and this can get very serious once they grow up. In order to control the problem in the early years, just keep a mixture honey syrup and gooseberry power handy. Consuming 2-3 teaspoons of the mixture twice a day can bring immediate results. You may also use gooseberry fruits (murabba) if you want and dip it in water to remove extra sugar before eating it. Also, your kids will love its sweet taste.

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