12 things to always carry when going camping with kids

camping with kids what all to carry- Easy Tips by ZenParent
Camping is a fun-filled family adventure and can be a great learning experience for kids. To make sure you have a wonderful holiday with your kids, make sure to pack these essentials. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to –1. Tent – This is a no-brainer really. Unless you’re camping at a place with residential facilities, you’ll have to pack in an easy-to-assemble tent or two to accommodate your pack. Find some great options here.

tent for camping with kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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2. Food supplies – Cooking over a campfire is the essence of camping. You can get dried firewood from local shops. Take iron cookware to cook over the fire and some easy to heat and make canned meals. Importantly, stock matches. Camp fires are a great way to also keep bugs and small animals at bay.3. Extra layers of clothes – Since camping is out in the open, the weather is often unpredictable. Consider dressing in layers to be able to peel off or pile on the layers. A light wind cheater/rain jacket and swim wear/gear if near a water body are essential. Also bring a few sets of towels.4. Flashlights or lanterns – You’ll need some light source once the sun goes down. Hurricane lamps are a great source for outdoors. However, these days you can also opt for solar powered lamps which can charge through the day and give light at night. A flashlight is great for on the go lighting.5. Sleeping bag & pillow – To put inside your tent. Again, you’ll likely need a pillow and a comforter to spend the night outdoors. Find some options here.

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6. Bottled water – Pack enough bottled water to last the duration of your trip. Tetrapaks of juices, soda, and other fluids are very important when traveling with kids.7. Toiletries – You’ll toilet paper and/wipes if you’re going to be doing the deed in the wilderness. If it’s a campground, you’ll have loo facilities onsite, no problem. Also take toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other toiletries you need on an everyday basis. Diapers, wipes, disposal bags and anything else specific to your kids is essential. Definitely bring sunscreen!8. Bug repellent – Keep insects at bay by buying mosquito repellent like Odomos and Citronella based sprays to keep the air around you clear from other bugs.

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9. Books and games – Skip the electronics! But bring cards, musical instruments or board games to while away time with the family. You can’t go wrong with a book either.Before the trip, here are some things you can consider –10. Trial run - If camping with really young kids, consider doing a trial run. Maybe a living room/backyard camping experience, or half a day at a park nearby. Try to imitate conditions as closely as possible. This will help you be prepared for how your kids will react without the comforts of home.11. First aid kit – Always a handy thing to carry when camping, a first aid kit becomes indispensable when traveling with kids. Scrapes, cuts, bruises etc all need to be managed immediately, especially when camping. Make sure your kit includes band aids of different sizes, gauze, tape, cotton balls, disinfectant like Dettol, etc.

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12. Involve kids – Make them pack whatever they need for an overnight stay– favorite toys/pjs, etc. Involve them in the packing and planning.Camping with kids can be stress free if you plan well and pack these essentials. Have a fun-filled outdoorsy experience with these tips.Learn where all can you go in and around Bangalore with kids by clicking here!Featured Image Source