10 ‘Safe-Yet-Pretty’ Decorative Ideas for your kid’s room

how to safely decorate your kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

The lure and joy of purchasing the attractive stuff available for a kid’s room is so great that nothing matches up to it. It’s fun, effortless engaging and every mom & dad loves to do this, until the limited room is suddenly filled with unlimited options and difficult..very difficult choices have to be made. Need help deciding? Check this out.

1. Before parents start to fill up the room with all the soft, cuddly, cute and colourful stuff; it is fair enough for all that stuff to be visible and stand out in the first place and so, using a light pastel shade on the walls is a good idea. Shades of pink, peach, cream and mauve (for girls) and blue, green or yellow (for boys) usually work well. (er..wash proof paint please, if feasible)

light walls for kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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2. Kids need space in their rooms to move about, run and jump around and the more amount of furniture in their room means more cleaning. So, instead of opting for separate beds, study tables, and chairs; parents can choose a compact, all-in-one unit that uniquely & snugly sits in one corner of the room, with ample storage. These units are readily available or parents can get them custom made as per the requirement.

3. Kids are highly focused. They never move their eyes from their target and fail to see any sharp corners or protruding rods on their way. That’s when parents have to keep their eyes open for avoiding any such furniture. So tables, shelves & beds with rounded or padded corners and no fancy attachments or rods jutting out keep life simple. Bean bags, soft cushioned settees are great for a kid’s room.

rounded or cushioned furniture in kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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4. The floor is a pool and the bed- a diving board. But what if there is no water in the pool? Kids use the floor very creatively so, slippery rugs that slide and then go BAM! are not a very sound idea. Keeping the floor either bare or if it must be covered, a vinyl carpet is a safe option as it is easy to clean, fireproof, long lasting and available in many attractive shades and prints.

5. Kids love to explore the restricted territory and plug in points are a favourite. While these points need to be at a reachable height for the kids to operate; they must have the safety lock in them that keeps the grooves covered. There are many plug in covers available in the shape of flowers or cartoon characters that keep the plug holes covered when not in use. Or parents can use temporary stickers or felt cloth cut outs hanging over the plug ins with Velcro to keep them in place.

covered plug points in kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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6. Long flowy curtains add a lot of beauty but are best avoided in a  kid’s room for the sake of convenience. Within weeks, they will either be torn or stained and Venetian blinds that are flat, non- hindering, easy to maintain and very contemporary can be used instead. There is a huge variety of them available in plastic, wood and cloth that parents can choose from and also work out to be more economical.

blinds in kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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7. Unless parents wish to decorate their kid’s room every 3 months, they can use veneer or laminates on the wooden furniture instead of ‘Duco’ paint. Although, the latter is very appealing in terms of looks, it gets chipped very easily and the furniture starts looking worn out. Kids will be kids after all and they can’t be curbed at least in their own rooms.

8. Dangly lampshades and ogling bulbs in a kid’s room are sitting ducks. After all, kids need to aim their baseballs and footballs somewhere. Led lights are becoming more popular now as they have plastic or metal casings, are compact and very durable. Most importantly they are shock proof.

dream lights in kid's room- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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9. Dream lights that cast beautiful shadows on the walls, play lilting soft music and glow stickers that are to be stuck on walls or ceilings help light up kids’ rooms at night and create the perfect ambiance, making the naughty little elves feel very comfortable, less scared and sleep soundly.(finally!)

10. The other add-ons like cushions and soft toys can be used at parents’ own discretion, based on their stamina and ability to pick up scattered stuff repeatedly during the day 🙂

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