10 DIY room makeovers for your kids

special room for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent
When I was little; I still remember how my dad helped me make a small personal zone for my playtime and studies inside my room. It even had my name written on it, which made me feel that it’s something that I truly own. All my cousins and friends used to sit inside that tiny hut and we used to play there for hours! I had tiny tea sets, games, my favourite books and even a small blackboard inside that area and it was that private space where I enjoyed the most during my childhood days.Secret rooms or private zones for kids help them associate with a place where they will love to explore, imagine and learn about new things and also, relax and have fun at the same time. It’s a place where they can do what they wish to and this enhances their mental growth immensely. However, it’s always recommended for us to keep a check on our children, without making them feel that we’re invading their privacy or controlling them too much.These days, as parents, we want our kid’s room to look different. And it mostly includes adding a different colour theme with customized furniture as per our child’s age.And most of the times, this can cost us a pretty penny. So, here are some creative ways to set a private zone for your little one, without spending too much:1. A curtain or a bed sheet tent roomMade with a support of wood sticks or a simple rope with clips, this is much loved by children. You can decorate it with lights and your child’s favourite toys, pillow, bed-sheet, books and games!tent room idea- Easy tips by ZenParent 2. An umbrella bed-cum-study roomThis kind of a room can be made with flexible plastic sticks available in the market, around which, you can wrap a water-resistant sheet and place it between two book shelves. Underneath, make your child’s tiny bed and fill the shelves with books and toys! Another way of covering the shelves is by simply placing a huge garden umbrella in the center.

 umbrella bed room for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

3. Zig-zag; learning bedroom!Ever wondered if a bed can have a slide and a blackboard together? This arrangement will surely be loved by your little one. A local carpenter can make it within your budget.

blackboard bed for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

4. Baby's Personal tunnelMade out of a single wooden sheet or cardboard sheets, this kind of a private room has enough space for both you and your kids to play hide and seek together!

tunnel room for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

5. House on the stairsA little elevated, this zone can be built in a special corner where your child loves to sit! This can be customized within a huge cabinet or an upper shelf space in a large almirah.

room with stairs for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

6. Igloo bedroom Just like the umbrella bedroom, an old tent or a bed-sheet can be used as a top cover to make a personal Igloo bed for your little one!

igloo bed for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

7. Out-of-the-box roomMade with an old storage furniture box, this one is a favourite among children! Make sure that there’s a window cut out of the box for the room to be airy. You can also make a similar room under your dining table!out of the box room for children- Easy tips by ZenParent8. Castle roomAnother wonderful set-up can be based on the structure of the room. A castle room with your kid's pictures is a great idea! This can be done using plastic sheets or even thermocol or cardboard sheets.

castle room for your kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

9. Corner-within-a-corner roomMade with a big cardboard box or multiple cardboard sheets, this type of a private room is also quite a catcher! You can paint it in different colours with your kids or even change it with themes that can relate to your kid’s favorite movies or cartoons.

theme-based room for kids- Easy tips by ZenParent

10. Under-the-staircase roomA playroom or a study room for your little one; this is a great idea to build a personal zone for your baby. Another way of arranging a similar set-up can be a separate hut-like tiny wooden building within your house or covering a window pane area or the balcony of your house.staircase house for kids- Easy tips by ZenParentImage source: Google images