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Is your child being bullied ?

Bullying is a problem that many children face at school.  Even though, most schools have a “no bullying” principle, sometimes, the victims are too scared to bring it up. As parents, chat with your child and stay tuned to whether they are being bullied at school or even online. Some ways to ask your kids if they’re being bullied:


  1. How do you like school this year?
  2. Are your classmates more friendly or less friendly than last year?
  3. Do you have any best friends you always play with?
  4. Does anybody bother you at school?
  5. Does anybody take away any of your stuff without asking?
  6. Does anybody talk mean to you on the playground?
  7. Does everybody play nicely or rough on the playground?
  8. Has anybody pushed you or physically bothered you in the playground?
  9. Will you let me know if anybody bothers you at school?
  10. Do you know that you should always inform your teacher if anybody is being unpleasant to you at school including any teacher, student or support staff?


  1. How is school this year? Any bullies in class?
  2. Do you bully others or do others bully you? Does this kind of stuff even happen at your school?
  3. Do you know whom you can go to for help, in case you are in a situation where you are bullied?
  4. Why do you think one child bullies another?
  5. Are your classmates on facebook or any other social networking sites?
  6. Do you know what is cyber bullying?
  7. How do you think you can protect yourself from cyber bullying?
  8. Will you let me know the moment there is any bullying online or at school so that I can help you immediately
  9. Do you know that participating in cyber bullying along with other friends can have serious consequences and it has even resulted in many instances of suicide of teens?
  10. In what way do you think you can proactively address cyber bullying if you come across it?