Dinner Conversations


What can be a better topic for dinner table conversation than food itself! The recent Maggi controversy is a great topic to discuss with  your children.


  1. Do you like Maggi?
  2. Do you know what junk food is?
  3. If you were told that Maggi has bad stuff in it, would you still eat it?
  4. Do you know of any other food that is bad for health, but so tasty to eat? Should we eat such food?


  1. Why do you think we all like junk food like Maggi, Coke, potato chips etc
  2. Did you hear the news about Maggi?
  3. Will it stop you from eating Maggi now that there is a possibility that it contains harmful ingredients?
  4. Do you think Nestle should be penalized for putting such a product in the market?


  1. What do you think about the recent news about Maggi? Does it alter your perception of the brand?
  2. Now that you know that Maggi potentially has harmful ingredients, do you still want to eat it?
  3. Do you know what processed food is? Do you understand the health implications of eating any processed food?
  4. What kind of consequences do you think companies like Nestle should be given for such irresponsibility?