Nutrition is key not just when you are pregnant, but even when you are trying to lose weight. Whether it is gaining weight during pregnancy or losing a few kilos, every individual's body demands different things and needs a different approach. Celes has a nutrition plan designed to deliver a customized assessment and nutrition for each individual without compromising on health.


Why buy from us

There is a 10% Discount on all Celes care Packages exclusively for users who buy through our platform

Money Back Guarantee

During the first 15 days if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your online consultation, simply reach out to us on info@zenparent.in.We’ll refund your amount.

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What You Will Get

  • Nutrition Consult & Menu Planning
      - A 30 Minute voice consultation with a certified nutritionist
      - A diet plan customized for a user's personal goals and dietary restrictions
  • What a user gets
      - A personalized 7 day menu chart
      - A detailed Nutritional Assessment
      - Dietary guidelines tailored for the user
      - 4 Relevant Recipes
      - A list of best practices
      - Unlimited email support from the nutritionist for 90 days


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6 month1499/-1350/-BUY NOW


  1. How does it work?

    Within 48 hours of buying the package, Celes care will call on the contact number provided by you to help you with the registration and guide you on how to use the service. You can access the service on a web browser or Android app and a decent Internet connection.

  2. What is Money back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied with the service, you're entitled to receive a full refund within the first 15 days of enrolment. If you would like to cancel* the service mid-way, you'll receive a pro-rated amount for the unused service. *After following the protocols set for the service

  3. Who are the doctors?

    Our patient-facing doctors are General Physicians, trained and backed by senior Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. All our doctors have undergone specialized women's health training on the latest and best health protocols by a team of US Board Certified Women's Health Experts.

  4. Will the same doctor stay with me for the entire duration?


  5. I already visit my gynaecologist, why should I subscribe to this?

    Your doctor may not have time to answer all your queries at any time of the day. With Celes, you may consult a doctor 24x7 and get connected immediately.

  6. Do you need me to submit my test reports?

    For a few issues test reports are required while for others the doctors may not need it. Your test reports will only help the doctors provide you with full info of your medical condition and give appropriate advice.

  7. How safe is it to share these transcripts?

    All our chats are 256-bit encrypted. Please be assured that all our doctor-patient interactions are private and test reports stored securely

  8. Are the services available 24*7

    Yes, absolutely!

  9. Do I need a strong broadband to access the services?

    As long as you have a steady 3G connection, you'll be able to easily access Celes platform.

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The doctor I spoke with was extraordinarily good. She solved every problem of mine. It's a great platform for working ladies like me who do not have time to visit doctors

Shikha, Delhi

Amazing experience. The doctor addressed all my concerns and I wasn't rushed into for clarifying all my doubts

Shruthi, Bangalore

I was able to discuss all views with my doctor, get emotional help and clear confusion related to specific issues during my pregnancy. I'm very happy with the service and would definitely recommend it to my friends

Kanika, 29, Jodhpur