Telugu Baby Boy Names

Choosing out a name from million of names isn`t easy for any parent, but here we have a solution by presenting our collection of Telugu Baby Boy Names. We hope you get a good name to address it to your son.


Aadavan The Sun
Adhit From the beginning
Anirudh Grandson of Lord Krishna
Arya Goddess Parvathi
Arjun Arjuna from Mahabharata
Bodhan kindling
Charish grace
Chinmay pride
Daksh perfect being
Daman one who controls
Deeran achiever
Darsh Lord Krishna
Eesh god
Gaurav pride
Harsh happiness joy
Iraj Lord Humayun
Jatin saint
Karan A warrior
Ketan dwelling
Lavan handsome
Manan mind
Navin new
Nayan eye
Nandak pleasing
Ohas praise
Pranay romance
Praval strong
Rana Warrior
Ranadheer Courageous
Ranesh Lord Shiva
Saahas Brave
Tejul Brilliant
Tanay Son of wind
Upanay Leader
Vivin Willpower

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