Tamil Baby Boy Names

Becoming a parent comes with a lot of responsibility, but the first that arrives is naming of your child. Here we present you a good collection of some Tamil Baby Boy Names. We hope you get a perfect name to address it to your son!

Aaruran Name of Sundaramoorthy
Aadit Peak
Advay Unique
Aarav Peaceful
Akshan Eye
Bhuvith King of Land
Chaitan Consciousness
Chandrahaas Smiling like a moon
Charvik Intelligent
Daiwik By the grace of God
Dheeran Brave
Darsh Lord Krishna
Ganan Lord Ganesh
Gunalan Filled with Virtue
Hirish Lord Krishna


Hrishi Pleasure
Iraivan God
Iniyan A Sweet Person
Illayavan Youngest
Jayan The Victorious
Kiash Lord Shiva
Madan Cupid
Manan Depth Thinking
Mayur Fragments
Nayanar one who is from Arur
Nivas Resident
Iniyan A Sweet Person
Pravan Modest
Rathan Gold
Ritwik Intelligent
Subas Good Speaking
Thaman Name of a God
Udyan Garden
Uttam Excellent person
Valan Ingenious
Vilas Entertainment
Wasan Idol
Yaashavn Winner
Yajvin Religious

Tell us about your experience of naming your child!

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