Bengali Baby Boy Names

Choosing out a perfect name for your child must be a special moment of your life, so here we present Top Bengali Baby Boy Names for your child. We hope you find a great name here!

Sr. No. Boy Names Suggested Meaning
1. Asit Meaning ‘someone who has no limit’ or ‘Lord’.
2. Asir The chosen one, or the Sun.
3. Avik This name means, ‘someone without fear’, or ‘someone who is as precious and strong as a diamond.’
4. Abeer Perfume, The colourful one
5. Anik Blessed one, or Moon
6. Aarul Someone who is brilliant
7. Abanish Being a king
8. Abhoy One who is fearless
9. Achintya Healer of all worries
10. Akhilbandhu Someone who is everyone’s friend
11. Bapi Riverbank
12. Basu One of the more popular Bengali baby boy names, this one means ‘wealthy’, or ‘Earth’.
13. Banaful Wildflower
14. Bhashkar The Sun
15. Bishwajit One who has won over the whole world
16. Bijoy Joy
17. Binod Spiritual happiness, laughter
18. Chanchal Restless one
19. Chiradeep The Eternal Lamp
20. Deepayan The one who looks towards the light
21. Dipon Lord of Light
22. Ekant The solitary one
23. Gatik Fast, Progressive
24. Garjan Thunder
25. Grishm Heat
26. Idris One who instructs, Studious one
27. Ipsit Desired
28. Indrajit Conqueror
29. Jian Man of strength
30. Kavi Poet, wise man
31. Kapi Lord Hanuman
32. Meer Chief, Leader
33. Modan God of Love
34. Monohar One who is a great charmer
35. Monojit One who wins over others’ minds
36. Mounish A great Bengali baby name with meaning, this translates to, ‘the conqueror of minds’
37. Omor Immortal
38. Prahor An eight part of the night or day
39. Pramti One who is conscious and aware
40. Probal Someone adored and beloved
41. Protik A symbol for something
42. Rupjit A beautiful and handsome person
43. Sahasranshu One who is like the Sun
44. Sudhanidhi A beautiful Bengali baby name that means, ‘a boy with the moon in his eyes’.
45. Saptarishi Seven stars in the Galaxy
46. Sanjib Someone who will live long
47. Sanjoy Creator
48. Shayan Someone who is calm-minded, the sleepy one. If you seek Bengali baby boy names that are music to the ears, this is definitely one to consider.
49. Tiyash The thirst of something
50. Udaybhan The rising sun

Tell us your experience of naming your child!

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