Zenparent Group
Our mission
To help mums (and dads) navigate the everyday circus of being Indian parents.
About Us
At ZenParent, when coming into to work every day, there’s one big question that goes with our morning cuppa. How do we help parents better than we did yesterday? The more we think about that question, the most complex it gets.
We have an interesting challenge. Being a parent in any country is difficult, but being an Indian parent is particularly hard. We have, on our hands, a riotous mix of cultures of the West and East ruling our lives. Pop culture tells us we need to be patient with our children and treat them like people. Indian culture, whatever that may mean to us, tells us to be firm, don’t spare the rod, make them the centre of your life. And we’re caught right in the middle, fighting with our parents and then running to them when our progeny doesn’t listen to us. Indian parents are a stressed lot, and we recognise it.
At ZenParent, our story is one of solving those very problems. Or at least trying to. We bring our expertise as parents — our team are parents to children of several ages — and as content creators to the problem Indian parenting. We solve them every day. A 22-year-old asking how to get pregnant; a new mother in her late 20s wondering how to lose weight; an older mother worrying about breastfeeding; a new father asking how he can be a feminist dad. Throw any question at us and we’ll take it with grace, and find the answers. If they aren’t already beautifully presented on our website, that is. (If you’re wondering about our parent status, our management team is made of Sumit, Varun, Vikas and Sandhya. All parents, albeit of entirely varying styles.)
The other thing we know intimately and keenly is that a woman biggest role isn’t that of a mother. Sure it’s big, but she’s also other things and we recognise that strongly. And so, ZenParent is also a place for the many shades of a woman, outside of being a mum, while keeping in mind that she is indeed also a mother.

Walk with us. Be the parent you want to be.