For the New Age Parent, it takes a lot to raise the children of today. With lots of changes happening in society as well as in our lifestyles, kids are evolving at a pace that, at times, is impossible for the parents to keep up with!

At ZenParent, we want to be your extended support system regardless of whether you’re the parent of a tot, tween or teen.

Welcome to the ZenParent!

Zen signifies the experience of self-awakening to the present. It is about being so aware and tuned to the present moment that there is no turbulence of the mind. It’s the ultimate zone of the mind, wherein, one is at absolute calm.

ZenParent is a mobile application that aims at providing a one-stop-solution to the mums and dads of today, with hands-on answers to help you resolve any parenting query and be on top of all aspects of your child’s life – be it personality, interests or life skills.

What can you expect from the ZenParent app?

Personalized, curated and timely information in the form of child development articles, parenting and childcare tips, latest kid-related events in your city, special recipes, book recommendations and movie/ TV show reviews.


Being India’s Number 1 Parenting App, we’re your constant companion as you experience the wonderful journey of parenting!